Google Ads Landing Page – Create High-Quality Landing Pages for Google Ads

Your Google Ads landing page is your key chance to convince the customer to convert – to buy your product, fill out a form or download a resource. You need high-quality landing pages to optimize conversion rates, and highly relevant pages will also lower your conversion costs.

The most important quality of an optimized landing page is relevance: Just as your ad text should be relevant to your keyword, your landing page should be relevant to your Google ad. The page should provide what the ad promises and what the user wants. Landing pages with relevant ad text also get higher Quality Scores, and better ad rankings as a result!

Creating specific landing pages that speak directly to the user's search query will have a positive impact on your AdWords account and, most importantly, drive more conversions. It’s worth it to devote major time and effort to optimizing your AdWords landing pages.

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How to Create Optimized Landing Pages for Google Ads

So what exactly goes into a successful Google Ads landing page, and where on earth do you start? Truthfully, creating Google Ads landing pages can be a tough task – there’s a lot to take into consideration. Some challenges of building Google Ads landing pages include:

  • You can’t build landing pages in Google Ads: Landing pages are what bring the PPC process full circle – you can’t have great Google Ads without solid landing pages, plain and simple. And yet, Google offers no landing page assistance (outside of a few tips) within Google Ads. You’re flying solo and we’re entering unrestricted air space!
  • Landing pages usually require outside help: Creating landing pages generally requires a developer to edit and manage the pages, a graphic designer to design the pages, and a hosting environment. That means major time and money.
  • AdWords landing pages have specific requirements: A successful landing page has many different elements to consider – your landing pages need to be relevant to your keyword and ads in order to earn good Quality Score. You also need to have conversion tracking properly set up to track what is and is not working.

That’s a lot to keep track of! Luckily, WordStream makes it easy to create beautiful, highly-optimized landing pages without hiring an entire IT team.

WordStream’s Landing Pages & Leads Tool: Google Ads Landing Pages Made Easy 

WordStream’s Landing Pages & Leads tool lets you create gorgeous custom landing pages with our easy-to-use page wizard, while collecting and organizing data about your leads so you know exactly who is visiting your pages and what offers they take advantage of.

Some major advantages of the Landing Pages & Leads Tool:

  • It’s a Complete PPC Solution: Together, the WordStream Advisor Tool, which helps advertisers craft expert Google Ads and manage keywords, coupled with the Landing Pages & Leads tool, brings the PPC process full circle. Create your targeted keyword ads with relevant, lead-delivering landing pages in one seamless environment.
  • It’s Easy, Breezy, and Beautiful: The Landing Pages & Leads tool provides a step-by-step wizard that leads you through the process of creating, designing editing, and publishing your landing pages without getting IT involved.
  • It’s Designed with PPC In Mind: PPC landing page best practices are baked into the Landing Pages & Leads tool. We will make sure you include those snazzy call-to-action buttons, thank you pages, solid form fields, and more, so that you never miss a beat.

Google Ads Landing Page Builder: At a Glance

The Landing Page Builder has an intuitive point-and-click interface that helps walk you through the process of creating a good-looking, conversion-optimized landing page that will rake in the leads. We’ll briefly take you through the builder tool so you can see how things work.

1. Select Your Google Ads Landing Page Theme: Choose your color palette, company logo, and a main image for your landing page. The tool also provides a live preview in the sidebar so you can see the changes you’re making as they occur.


Landing Page Builder

2. Google Ads Landing Page Content: Write your headline and body copy, with the goal of showing off your offer. Some tips for powerful Google Ads landing page copy includes:

  • Focus on a powerful headline: Your headline is the most important aspect of your copy – in fact, it’s the only part some visitors will even read! Make it count.
  • Write clear, concise copy: Your copy should be pushing the benefits of your offer.
  • Implement bullet lists, bold text, and other visual elements: This helps readers understand what parts of your copy are the most important and makes the copy easier to digest. Remember, you want visitors to be doing less reading and more form filling!


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3. Landing Page Form Builder: Your form collects key data from users. Along with the headline, it’s one of the most important elements of your Google Ads landing page. A well-optimized form can have tremendous affect on your conversion rates.

  • Form Fields: Choose your form fields – you can include standard fields like name, phone number, email, job titles, etc, along with custom fields like text fields, dropdown menus, or checkboxes.
  • Call to Action Button: Forgetting to customize the call-to-action button is a common misstep for those new to landing page design. Deviating from the common button text like “Go” or “Submit,” and opting for your own custom text that specifically relates to your offer (such as “Get Your Ebook Now” or “Download Templates”) can greatly improve conversions.
  • Thank You Page: The thank you page is where users are taken after clicking your call to action button. The landing page creator lets you upload assets like white papers or ebooks. The landing page creator tool also lets you paste in a conversion code so that you can easily track form completes.


Landing Page Form Builder

4. Google Ads Landing Page Settings: Adjust landing page settings like your URL, analytics code (for tracking traffic to your page), and your Google Ads landing page footer that can include a link to your company home page, among others. Google Ads landing page optimization is as simple as a few clicks.

Once you’re done, you can save the new landing page as a draft, preview it, or publish it right away.  Taa daa, you’ve created a snazzy Google Ads landing page without dragging in graphic designers, developers, or other IT folks. Now you’re ready to get those leads! Speaking of which…

Tracking & Managing Leads From Your Google Ads Landing Page

Did you know half of all Google Ads accounts don’t even have conversion tracking set up? Yikes! Conversion tracking is absolutely essential for Google Ads landing page testing and discovering what’s working and what isn’t on your pages.

The leads section of the Landing Page & Leads tool lets you:

  • Get detailed tracking information for deep insight and understanding into which keywords and which landing pages are driving the best results.
  • Check your landing page conversion rates to measure the performance of your Google Ads landing page.
  • Export all lead data so you can use the data however you’d like. No secrets here!

Why You Need WordStream For Your Google Ads Landing Pages

With WordStream’s landing page tool, you can:

  • Create and design landing pages optimized for Google Ads with ease. The design wizard cuts down on time, letting you craft lead-driving landing pages without hiring a team of outside help.
  • Get help from baked-in best practices, which key you in to landing page guru tips. Better landing pages mean more form completes, more measurable data, and better Quality Scores.
  • Track and manage leads with conversion tracking so you can measure performance and success markers.
  • Manage all PPC moving parts from one centralized spot. WordStream Advisor helps you build great AdWords ads, organize and discover new keywords, and design lead-obtaining effective landing pages all in one place.

Check out WordStream’s Landing Page & Leads tool today – sign up for a free trial!

Get Graded: See How Your Landing Page Measures Up

WordStream's new Google Ads Landing Page Grader is a revolutionary new tool that helps you evaluate how your AdWords landing pages and campaigns are performing on several key criteria such as:

  • Lead Form Optimization
  • Proper Header Tags
  • Unique Landing Pages for Individual Campaigns
  • Mobile Landing Page Optimization
  • Inclusion of a Clickable Phone Number
  • Conversion Rates

The Google Ads Landing Page Performance Grader is packed with valuable info that will help boost your conversion rates and make sure your landing pages are set for optimal performance. Best of all, the Google Ads Landing Page Performance Grader is 100% free! Try it today!