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You’re really good at what you do: web design, copywriting, you name it! Your clients have been so happy with your work that they’ve started asking for more services—online advertising among them. So, you figured you’d give Google and Facebook Ads a shot! But however long you’ve been able to sustain the experiment, the complexity of the platforms and your overall lack of spare time has given you more sleepless nights than it’s worth!

What if you had straightforward software that cut through the noise of the native ad platforms: something that made it easy to launch, monitor, and report on your clients’ campaigns across Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads? Then, you could really focus your energy on marketing initiatives that you know you can knock out of the park—and keep your clients signing your praises (and on the books!).

We’re glad you asked! Meet WordStream Advisor for Agencies.

You love working with the small businesses your agency supports, but boy, can they have high expectations! Too often their budgets don’t meet the minimum amounts that are needed to drive real results, and your small team finds itself at risk of losing customers. You might know all the tricks-of-the-trade to keep these clients happy, but your rookie team just needs time to learn it for themselves.

If you had a software solution that could help your team manage your clients’ budgets more effectively and streamline their overall campaign management, you could spend less time struggling with existing accounts and more time pitching new business. (And if a software solution could help with pitching, too, even better!) You’re in luck: WordStream Advisor for Agencies fits the bill.

The agency is humming along: new prospects are pouring in, recurring revenue is up, and happy clients sing your praises. But appearances can be deceiving: you’ve noticed small things fall through the cracks, conflict sparked between colleagues, and overall performance flatlining. The culprit? Your experienced account managers have far too many clients and far too little time.

They need help, and fast. You’ve got high-stakes campaigns for high-value clients on the docket, and overworked account managers are a liability you can’t afford. WordStream Advisor for Agencies is exactly the help they need: a time-saving one-stop-shop for managing and reporting on all their clients’ Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads accounts. With Advisor, your seasoned account managers will be able to execute on those big campaigns with ease, boosting the agency’s profile so even more prospects come knocking on your door.

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Grow Your Client Portfolio with WordStream.

Streamline how you and your customers do business, with all of your clients’ accounts in one place!

Optimize Every Campaign in One Place

Gift your agency a single, clean, easy-to-navigate user interface to manage your clients’ Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads. Add our personalized, time-saving 20-Minute Work Week, advanced research tools like QueryStream, powerful ad creative solutions, and our customizable Cross-Platform Success Reports, and your team will have the extra time it needs to tackle its more challenging clients—and report on each big win!

Spend Your Time Where it Matters

How does your team decide where to focus their energy day to day? With our user-friendly Client Center, you’ll get an at-a-glance view of every account under management. With a customizable budget pacing tool and our performance tracker, your team can quickly identify client accounts that need their attention right away.

Level Up Your Pitching

Now more than ever, marketing agencies of all shapes and sizes need help growing. Yet making time for new business activities can be nearly impossible while also managing your existing book. With a customizable proposal generator, white-labeled Google and Facebook Ads account audits, and prospect tracking and management tools, our New Business Center is your must-have toolbox for taking your digital marketing pitches to the next level.

Low-cost, high-impact software upgrades—so your online advertising tools can grow with your agency.

  • Conversion Toolkit — Upgrades start at $20/month

    Driving traffic to your clients’ websites with online advertising is only half the battle. Our Conversion Toolkit is designed to help you drive real business impact for your clients using pop-ups, email capture forms, and landing pages to fill their funnel and convert more leads. Any available WordStream Advisor for Agencies subscription comes pre-loaded with three mobile-friendly, designer-quality templates, plus integrations with leading CRM platforms; upgrade to access additional templates and functionality from right within the software.

    • 40+ pre-built landing page and pop-up themes
    • A/B testing functionality
    • Behavioral and audience targeting
  • Call Tracking — Upgrades start at $25/month

    Did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone? And that 65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable, highest quality source of leads? By tracking calls to your business phone number back to the ads that triggered them, WordStream’s Call Tracking can help you make smart decisions about your advertising budget and your sales strategy. Upgrade as needed when your call volume grows by connecting with one of our consultants.

    • Conversion tracking
    • Call tracking
    • Website visitor remarketing

    *Only available in United States and Canada

The online advertising software that small business-focused agencies love.

WordStream is a time machine because it CREATES time. Meaning that the time saved with its recommendations and automations allows us to focus on more important items.

Mike Lannen, WordStream Advisor plus Assist Customer

Eternity Marketing

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