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WordStream Advisor makes advertising with Google Ads easy and effective for all businesses. Our software provides automated alerts tailored to your goals so that you can get more out of Google Ads, without more effort.

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Our 20-Minute Work Week analyzes performance across all of your campaigns and tells you what to do when for better results


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  • Automating reporting
  • Suggesting ad optimizations

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Why it works:

We've analyzed over $9 BILLION in advertising spend and developed proven algorithms based on data specific to your industry and your goals.

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We take the complexity and guesswork out of Google Ads with intelligent alerts to optimize bids and budgets, pause poorly performing ads, improve ad text, and more! Find opportunities, fix problems, and watch your results improve.

Plus, our automated success reports and easy-to-use dashboard ensure that marketers get the credit they deserve.

The PPC workweek is by far the best feature of Wordstream. All I have to do is log into the product at least once, twice at the most, per week and they give me actionable insights into how I can reduce my spend and increase performance.

- Zach L., TrueLearn

Multiply Your Success at No Extra Cost

WordStream Advisor provides support for all of your current and future advertising needs, at no extra cost to you. Extend your success with Google Ads by expanding your campaigns onto Bing or Facebook. We'll combine all of your performance metrics into one easy-to-use dashboard, so you can increase your results without increasing your effort.


During the course of my work week I can be found working on print, newsletter (email), product brochures, website maintenance and of course Google Ads. Although I am an intermediate user of Google Ads, I rarely have the time to devote as much time to it as I would like. Wordstream, allows me to pay attention to the details and not the pathway to find those details that need attention.

- Todd V. Y., Sea-Bird Scientific


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Get more out of PPC without raising your budget.

Featured Success Story:

Go2Africa Safaris increases clicks by 59%

As is true for many WordStream customers, safari company Go2Africa found that the single most valuable resource WordStream offered them was time. By simplifying and streamlining their Google Ads workflow with WordStream, Go2Africa can use their time more effectively and get more accomplished.

Go2Africa Infographic