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Unlock the business growth you’re looking for with a results-focused, technology-backed solution designed for small businesses and agencies—LOCALiQ Marketing Services presented by WordStream.

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We know that sometimes small businesses and marketing agencies need more than just great tech or an extra helping hand to make their goals a reality. That’s why we’ve partnered with LOCALiQ—to offer the comprehensive marketing solutions you need to grow. Part of the USA Today Network, the experts at LOCALiQ are passionate about helping small, local businesses thrive.

What can LOCALiQ Marketing Services do for you?

You’re a Small Business Owner

You’re a Marketing Manager at a Small Business

You’re a Digital Marketing Freelancer

You’re a Marketing Agency Executive

Part of being an entrepreneur is learning how to “DIY” almost everything: from finance to supply chain to online advertising. But figuring out how to build awareness, drive conversions, and create and maintain a professional website can frustrate even the most motivated business owner.

You’ve got a choice: learn a lot more about running a website, driving leads, keeping a growing audience engaged—and everything else—or find someone who’s already an expert in all of these tasks to do them for you. That’s where LOCALiQ Marketing Services can help.

Your uncanny ability to do it all has won the respect of your peers at work...but also landed you with even more responsibilities to tackle. But there are limits to your time and energy, and you just can’t keep taking on more tasks. Besides, your goal is to “level up” and spend more time with your bosses on overall strategy instead of focusing on tactics for the rest of your career.

What you need is a team of experts who can take some of those new responsibilities off your plate, plus technology solutions that keep you updated on the latest progress. LOCALiQ Marketing Services is here to the rescue.

You wouldn’t call yourself a one-person “agency,” but the friends-of-friends who have hired you are happy with the work you’re doing. So happy, in fact, that you’ve got a problem: they want you to take on even more marketing tasks for them—tasks that you don’t currently offer.

You’d love the extra business, but don’t have the time to learn new skills or the budget to hire full-time staff who already know them. The solution? Outsource your current customers’ new requests to LOCALiQ Marketing Services, so you can keep them on your books—and have some extra time to find new ones.

Your sales team just landed a big client with big, complex projects that will require all hands on deck. In fact, you’ll probably need to pull client managers off smaller accounts to free up more experienced staff to help support the new business. But that means you’ll need to find, hire, and train more good talent to keep those existing, smaller accounts happy—and you’re worried about the cost.

With advanced technical expertise and a laser focus on driving business impact, LOCALiQ Marketing Services can help you offload some of the work that your small-but-important clients need day by day—while protecting your profit margin.

The one-stop-shop for all your digital marketing needs.

Whatever your business goals, LOCALiQ Marketing Services has the expertise and technology you need to achieve them.

Get the results that matter most.

Whether your key metrics are leads, calls, conversions, or ROI, LOCALiQ Marketing Services offers the strategy and delivers the insights you need to achieve your true business goals.

Tap into Industry-Leading Expertise and Cutting-edge Technology

By combining high-tech solutions and a long history of advertising expertise, LOCALiQ has served as a trusted partner to millions of marketers across the country.

Pay Attention to Every Step in your Customer’s Journey

In a world that’s online all the time, your prospects could be at any stage of your marketing funnel at any given moment. LOCALiQ Marketing Services can provide solutions to build awareness, drive conversions, grow customer loyalty, and every step in between.

Marketing solutions for every small business.

  • LOCALiQ Search Marketing

    Drive more of the right traffic and leads to your business or your client’s business —without falling prey to any of the common search marketing pitfalls that can waste so much money. While LOCALiQ’s proprietary Smart Optimization Technology will focus on strengthening your strong Quality Scores, your team of LOCALiQ experts will test and track your ads across both Google and Microsoft Ads to identify the most successful strategies to reach prospects, wherever they are in their buyer journey.

    • More leads, more time, better ROI
    • Custom strategies to reach your goals
    • Self-serve Client Center


  • LOCALiQ Social Ads

    Getting your message across in a way that not only grabs your target audience’s attention, but also successfully drives them to take action isn’t a quick or easy task. From best practices to cutting-edge strategies, LOCALiQ’s experts have what it takes to make it happen with exciting, interactive ad creative. Plus, Smart Optimization Technology takes the guesswork out of Facebook’s unparalleled audience targeting tools, enabling you to place that carefully crafted message in front of the right people at the right time.

    • More options, less hassle, proven results
    • Blueprint-certified Facebook specialists
    • On-demand performance reports


  • LOCALiQ Live Chat

    If you don’t have a tried-and-true way to turn casual website visitors into engaged leads, LOCALiQ Live Chat is the solution you’re looking for. Following your approved script, a team of professional chat agents will help you or your client respond quickly to visitor inquiries and send leads your way via the Client Center—or even connect them to you directly for a phone call via Call Connect.

    • 24/7 support from highly trained agents
    • HIPAA-compliant technology
    • Email notifications of new lead, full chat transcripts, and more


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