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WordStream Advisor makes it easy to deliver measurable business growth with Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads.

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Your small business is on the up-and-up—and you couldn’t be more thrilled! You’ve heard other entrepreneurs talk about how online advertising can increase your brand awareness, drive more leads, and boost your revenue. But actually doing online advertising has proven nearly impossible. Just logging into those big platforms makes your eyes glaze over—especially after yet another whirlwind day!

Still, your business is your dream: you can’t just let anyone do your marketing! That’s where WordStream Advisor comes in: easy-to-use online advertising software that empowers you to manage your own Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads yourself—all in one place.

You’ve got a knack for excelling at everything you try—and at work, it’s both your superpower and your downfall. From email marketing to event planning to copywriting to PR, if there’s marketing to be done at your small business, you’re the one doing it. And you’re totally swamped!

So while you’re no stranger to Google, Facebook, or Microsoft Advertising, you barely have enough time to get through your day-to-day projects, much less wade through the native channels’ confusing interfaces. Meet your new secret weapon: WordStream Advisor’s time-saving, cross-platform advertising tools help you drive the business results your boss wants to see in way less time.

The company you work for might not be your brainchild, but the business and its tight-knit team have found their way into your heart. You’re convinced that the business has what it takes to scale and drive even more impact for the communities you serve, but recently, business hasn’t been going as well—whether brand awareness has fizzled or customers have stopped coming through the door, your small-but-mighty marketing team’s well-laid plans all seem to have stalled.

You know your small team of marketers are working day and night to make things work, so if there’s any way to free them up from day-to-day tasks so they can focus on developing and executing a growth strategy, you’re all in. Check out WordStream Advisor: A streamlined online advertising software built for busy, multi-tasking marketers, it’ll empower your team to capture more leads and conversions in less time—and put their creative minds back on driving business growth.

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Streamline your online advertising.

What would your business look like if you converted 30% more leads from your online advertising? Find out with WordStream Advisor.

Do More in Less Time

Knock out your online advertising fast with the 20-Minute Work Week, your cross-platform, personalized workflow wizard. It’ll guide you through high-priority actions for your account so you can drive real business impact—fast.

Say Goodbye to Guesswork

Keep your eyes on what’s working and what’s not with a cross-platform Dashboard, and drill deeper into key metrics and campaigns with customizable Success Reports. Plus, Advisor’s Easy Tracking simplifies conversion tracking, so you always know where your most valuable leads are coming from.

Be Your Own Creative Agency

Equipped with Shutterstock video integration, our dynamic animated ads builder, and pop-up and landing page templates, you can launch compelling creative that drives results—no designer needed.

Software upgrades to add when you’re ready.

  • Conversion Toolkit — Upgrades start at $20/month

    Driving website traffic with online advertising is only half the battle. Our Conversion Toolkit is designed to help you convert those leads using pop-ups, email capture forms, and landing pages to fill your funnel and grow your business. Any available WordStream Advisor subscription comes pre-loaded with three mobile-friendly, designer-quality templates, plus integrations with leading CRM platforms; upgrade to access additional templates and functionality from right within the software.

    • 40+ pre-built landing page and pop-up themes
    • A/B testing functionality
    • Behavioral and audience targeting
  • Call Tracking — Upgrades start at $25/month

    Did you know that 43% of all search-related conversions happen over the phone? And that 65% of businesses consider phone calls their most valuable, highest quality source of leads? By tracking calls to your business phone number back to the ads that triggered them, WordStream’s Call Tracking can help you make smart decisions about your advertising budget and your sales strategy. Upgrade as needed when your call volume grows by connecting with one of our consultants.

    • Conversion tracking
    • Call tracking
    • Website visitor remarketing

    *Only available in United States and Canada

The online advertising software small businesses trust.

WordStream allows us to bring all our online advertising together under one platform. I like that we can manage both Google Ads and Facebook within the platform. The 20-Minute Work Week provides suggestions for new keywords and negatives to optimize each campaign. Normally, this would take much longer than 20 minutes, so we're happy that WordStream has taken so much of the heavy lifting off our shoulders.

Evanna Payen, WordStream Advisor Customer

Guardair Corporation

Ready. Set. Grow.

With WordStream Advisor at your fingertips, business growth is just a few clicks away. See how our tools can help you streamline your Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Microsoft Ads accounts and start driving better business results—faster. Start your WordStream journey for as little as $49/month, and cancel anytime.