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Over 2 Million Accounts Graded!

Knowing how your digital marketing ranks against your competition is crucial to success online. Are you at the head of the class or falling behind? Get the analysis you need to make continuous improvements to your marketing with our FREE Graders.

AdWords Grader

Google Ads Performance Grader

The grader that started it all. This award-winning tool provides you with a free report, including actionable tips to improve your grade, created by analyzing $70 billion in Google Ads spend!

Facebook Grader

Facebook Ads Performance Grader

New! We’ve applied all our experience to bring you a brand new free grader for the other big platform in your life - Facebook. Find out how you stack up against your competition!

Google My Business Grader

Receive an instant audit of your Google My Business account along with recommendations on exactly how to leverage it so that your Business Profile finds favor in Google’s algorithm.

Landing Page Grader

Google Ads Landing Page Grader

Dig deeper into improving your Google Ads Quality Score by understanding how your landing pages stack up. Leverage our Google Ads expertise to analyze and improve your landing page experience.

Perry Marshall

"I love WordStream's Google Ads grader. Some of my best and sharpest customers use WordStream's management software and report outstanding results. When you're able to squeeze more juice out of Google Ads with less time, it frees you to work on even more profitable, bigger-picture stuff. Highly recommended."

- Perry Marshall, Author, The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords

More tools for your marketing toolkit

More than just graders, WordStream brings you Free Tools that help you research, improve and unlock new opportunities in digital marketing. Try them all - they’re free, after all!

Free Keyword Tool

Free Keyword Tool

Leverage the thousands of searches we analyze daily to discover and export new keywords and performance data to succeed in paid and organic search.

Facebook Opportunity Calculator

Facebook Opportunity Calculator

Discover if Facebook Ads are worth your money with our quick and easy opportunity calculator. We will show you your current organic reach on Facebook and how much more you could achieve with a small ad budget.

Smart Ads Creator

Build effective, great-looking ads without a designer! It’s fast and easy with our free tool.

Rachel Stern

“While researching how to improve our ads, I came across Wordstream and found their free resources to be extremely helpful. The folks at Wordstream really care about growing your business while saving you money at the same time. We now get over 25% of our website traffic through Google Ads, and it's growing each day.”

- Rachel Stern, Marketing Team Lead, MITC Software